Monday, February 20, 2012

Logos and Animations

The PORPOISE project is interdisciplinary and as such invites all participants to use their artistic skills to make the field of aquatic engineering fun, exciting, engaging and easy to communicate.

On this page we will post some of the works in progress that our members are creating for the initiative:

These early animations by 9th grader Benjamin Standfield give an example of how a passion for 3D animation and game creation can enhance the program:

1.  Sea Perch docking in the Sea Hawk; concept done in Blender:

2. Assembly of the Sea Perch, concept, done in Blender.

And here is the original PORPOISE concept art by T.H. Culhane, using the yin-yang symbol as the basis for the programs symbology:

Dwayne, a student at WMST Public Charter School in Washington DC, came up with this variant on the theme, arguing that to be true to the ethos of our program, both halves of the yin-yang should be utilized in the logo.  In his concept art, one half represents the fish, a symbol of our common origins and the underwater aspect of our program, and the other is the cetacean (the porpoise) which evolved from the fish (the Sea Perch?) and now amphibiously inhabits two worlds, but remains connected to the fish from which it was birthed. Note also that Dwayne used the yin yang form for the eyes as well, lending the creatures more personality.   This is an example of how the program itself is an evolutionary creature, drawing strength and inspiration from you, its members!

Below, Dwayne begins to sketch out the Sea Perch for 2D animation and tutorials:

More to come! Please feel free to share your own artwork and idea!

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