Thursday, January 12, 2012

Washington Prep takes the PORPOISE plunge!

Today the students of Washington Preparatory High School in South Los Angeles "jumped into the water with both feet" (and both hands and eyes and ears!) and kick-started their participation as early Alpha testers of the PORPOISE Robotics program by building a Sea Perch ROV and hacking the control board for use with the Arduino they will build next week.

 The students had never touched a soldering iron before (some had never even heard the term) but they "took to the water" so quickly that within less than half an hour they had expertly created little "Hershey's kisses" of gleaming silver colored solder around the pins and pads of every component on the control board.

 They quickly became "trainers of trainers", making sure everybody who wanted to was able to work on mastering this important electronics skill.

 The students from the Media Class also got involved, taking video and photographs for on-line instruction and for the yearbook.

Visionary Principal Dr. Todd Ullah gave the kids a full day to "get their feet wet" on PORPOISE launch day, and joined in the pedagogy and the fun!

The newly formed PORPOISE team is ready for action with its newly hacked Sea Perch!

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